Test Drilling

Early test drilling programs on future construction sites have saved our customers considerable time and money over the years by knowing where the rock is, how hard and how deep it is.

We can drill on grid patterns recording results from drill penetration rates and type / colour of drill cuttings giving reasonable indication of underlying geology.

Knowing in advance what to expect can also change the entire design concept to the structure or project. We have witnessed many unforeseen lengthy and costly project delays when DRILL & BLAST or other rock breaking methods have not been taken into consideration.

Our drill rigs are on tracks and do not need flat pads / roads to operate on. The boom and drill masts can be altered quickly to cater for different angles on sloping sites.

                                          Test Drilling Applications

* Solar farm Piling, Allows to foresee future pile driving problems in hard ground.

* Civil Sub Divisions, Allows to identify rock presence and hardness for road cuts, Trenching and bench cutting.

* Communication Towers, Allows for correct design of foundations for the site.

* Electrical Transmission Lines, Allows identifying future delays from rock encountered,  preventing auger drilling crew downtime, We can advise the likelihood if  the auger rig can drill to design depth, if there is doubt we can DRILL a blast pattern or weaken the site by "PEPPERING USING CLOSE HOLE PATTERN USUALLY 100MM SPACINGS" before moving to the next site.

* Road Cuttings, Allows the early design of alignment and rock content for pricing at tender stage.

* Quarry & Mineral Exploration, Allows the mapping of deposit depths quickly.