Rock, Soil and Concrete Anchors

Our service includes drilling the holes, installing the anchors and fully grouting using our mechanical grout pump to Engineers specification.

For competent ground  passive galvanized cog bars or  others such as Reid Bar or D.S.I. threaded bar are usually utilized .

For collapsing or difficult ground we use Sacrificial Anchor Systems where the actual drill string is designed to be  left behind, it is fully grouted through the centre of the anchor from the bottom of hole up forcing out air and any ground water present. This system is engineered with a variety of hollow bar diameters to suit the application including varied protective coatings for desired anchor life span. 

Sacrificial Anchor systems are available to install with hand held drills through to drill rig installation methods.
Over the years we have anchored many structures some examples are :-

* Drilling and installing soil/rock anchors for slope stabilization

* Anchoring rock shelves and loose dangerous boulders in landslide zones using rockfall netting and steel cables.

* Anchoring telecommunication towers for Optus ,Telstra and NBN.

* Anchoring electrical transmission towers for Downer, John Holland, Balfour Beatty and UGL.

* Anchoring bridges and buildings built on slopes both in soil and rock.