Nonex Safety Cartridges are robust, water proof and are available in many sizes to suit the application on hand. Nonex has an integrated initiation element built in with two lead wires attached allowing multiple cartridges to be wired together and fired. Classification is ( 1.4s )  making them safe to  transport by air, road or sea.

1.4s classification allows the cartridges to be stored in a suitable secured lockable container / area with out the need to have "licenced explosive magazines" and associated licenced explosive vehicle to transport. These factors can greatly reduce the cost on a project and save considerable time, particularly when working on Coastal Islands or remote areas.


Nonex Safety Cartridges are suited to a wide range of applications in Civil , Surface / Underground mining and residential. - Some Examples :-

           * Breaking Oversize Boulders                        * Shaft Sinking

           * Trenching                                                       * Tunneling

           * Cutting Benches                                           * Mass Concrete Breaking

           * Wall Trimming                                               * Producing Armour Rock

                                                        Key Benefits

*  Low Transport Restrictions                             * Reduced Fumes Produced

*  Low Storage Restrictions                                 * Increased Breakage Control

*  Low Ground Vibration                                       * Low Fly Rock Risk

*  Low Over-pressure Produced (air Blast)        * Greatly Reduced Exclusion Zone

                                                General Overview

Unlike conventional high explosives that detonate (Detonation) at very high speed, creating very high pressures with the possibility of producing high velocity fly rock and over pressure, Nonex Cartridges when initiated are very slow in comparison (Deflagration) allowing a much more controlled environment.

The greater the controlled environment allows much smaller safety exclusion zones for personnel and equipment reducing time and cost.

Nonex when initiated generally creates very small risk of Fly Rock or over-pressure, how ever if there is any risk concern on the site, artificial burden such as layer of loose fill can be placed over the holes to eliminate the chance altogether.

Secondary breaking of large boulders and Armour Rock is very well suited to Nonex versus excavator mounted hydraulic breakers due the fact breakers are trying break the rock in compression where Nonex uses very little energy to break with expansion forces.

Nonex is available in many different size cartridges from 2.0 grams up to 500 grams  allowing the correct charge weight to be used for the application.

Drill patterns can also be altered to control desired rock size breakage results.