Non - Explosive Cracking Agent


Cracking agent is a special blend of dry powder with additives, When mixed with the correct amount of water it very slowly expands to pressures up to 18,000 p.s.i  for up to three days forcing cracks between pre drilled holes in rock or concrete. Cracking Agent comes in a 20 kg carton, with 4 x 5 kg individually sealed  packets.

Cracking Agent does not create any noise, dust, gas or fly rock. This product does not require a special licence when used correctly.


* Oversize Boulders                               *  Bulk concrete excavation

* Cutting Benches in Rock                    *  Trimming Trench Walls

* Trenching                                              *  Demolition

                            KEY BENEFITS

* No Noise                                  * No Licence Required to Purchase or Use

* No Vibration                            * No Transport Restrictions

* No Fumes                                * No Storage Restrictions

* No Fly Rock                             * Only Small Diameter Holes Required 30 - 45 mm


The agent is very well suited to sensitive area projects where  NO VIBRATION is allowed such as, By excavating concrete/rock by mechanical means such as jack hammers, hydraulic rock breakers etc.

The Agent is an excellent choice on projects where ground vibration may lead to insurance claims from damage to surrounding structures or where dilapidation reports in the area would be too costly.

We can sell you the product with drilling advice for small projects or we can provide a full service including product supply, drilling and install for larger projects.

We have used agent extensively on many of our own projects over the years both small scale and large commercial.