Boulder Buster Device.

Perfect for sensitive areas :- A 38mm diameter hole is drilled into rock or concrete by hand drill or drill rig and filled with water, The Boulder Buster units high grade steel barrel is placed in the drill hole collar, A small propellant cartridge is inserted into the device and a lanyard is pulled firmly by hand from a distance of 10 meters to initiate.

The pressure causes the uncompressible water to split the rock making the entire process very safe to operate in built up areas.


* Boulders                                                          * Trimming trench walls

* Oversize Rock                                                 * Benching

* Mass Concrete Foundations                        * land Slide Remediation

* Blocked Chutes                                               * Island Projects

                                     KEY BENEFITS

* Non - Explosive                                   * Very small Exclusion Zone

* Highly Portable                                   * No Fly Rock

* Easily Transported                             * Instant results

* Easily Stored                                       * Easily Carried By Hand To remote  


                                 GENERAL OVERVIEW

The Boulder Buster is well suited to busy construction sites where it would be very difficult to shut the site down for conventional blasting or stop traffic.

It is well suited to Coastal Island projects where transport and storage of high explosives would be too costly or difficult.